Opto Hellas:

0716761 Nowadays, OPTO HELLAS is one of the largest suppliers companies for medical instruments, implants and consumables. We cooperate with orthopedics, ophthalmologists, Dermatologists and Plastic surgeons. Our progress and hard work for the past 15 years have made us one of the fastest evolving medical supplier companies in Southeast Europe.

A critical factor that helped us to evolve fast and sustain the position we have today, is the rapid growth of the medical market. Opto Hellas found the situation promising and as a result we continued in supplying some of the best products in the market to sectors of medicine such as Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Dermatology and Plastic Surgery.

There is no doubt that this evolution wouldn’t not happen if the countries of the Southeast region of Europe hadn’t be considered development friendly. Now they accept new technologies and have a promising future for investments that is why Opto Hellas endorses this evolution and provides the best products and services to doctors, Hospitals and professionals across the world. We are here to support and empower our partners and associates giving them the opportunity to use the best of their category, products.

Despite the fact of evolution and development, we could never reach so high and aim even farther if it wasn’t for all of you, our customers. We are here to recognize and implement your demands. Because of your support we now have built a friendly environment at OPTO HELLAS and that helps us with the great competition that exists in today’s market. To conclude, OPTO HELLAS’s goals are to provide its customers with the most reliable and perfectly engineered products and always feed enhanced support.

The Team:

shutterstock 3248515   At Opto Hellas, we try to inspire and propel the spirit of family and teamwork for each individual member of our team. We have sustain a friendly and caring environment which leads us to maximize our efficiency and shows our professionalism.

Our team always prove their efficiency by achieving all of their given goals. The Marketing sector has helped a lot throughout the years by always increasing our sales. That is a result of a dynamic approach in the market which results in constructing a more competitive spirit (in a good will) and provides motivation for all of us. Because of our actions and trust relationships that we have been built from partnerships with Dermatologists, Orthopedics and Ophthalmologists; we can prove for once more that we are enhance the family spirit and achieve all our goals.

We also must mention that OPTO HELLAS is constantly expands and partner’s with multinational companies which construct diagnostic machines for Orthopedic, Ophthalmology and healthcare reasons.