Our Mission:

    Opto Hellas’s mission is to support the continuous development of health in the Balkan region in order to level up its standards and reach a European level of specifications. We do not aim only in quantity but also in quality because all patients deserve better and more comfortable procedures and doctors, more relaxing and supportive equipment.


    Our vision always follow the path that reality marks. That means we dream and hope for a better medical institution and that will happen as long as we represent technology and evolution at the Balkan region market. There is always someone that makes the difference either in bad way or a good way and then there is OPTO HELLAS that makes the difference by caring for that “someone’s” health.


  • Provide the market with high-end technological, improved and efficient products which are affordable by all doctors and healthcare institutes.
  • Investing in the Health-Department of the Balkan region. That is because we hope that the development of the countries within the Balkan region have begun and they adapt fast the western style of life and operation.
  • Time is money and that is why we do not like wasting our customer’s time or ours. So we aim in getting the consumers order at a giving time and then deliver their products secure and fast. There is so room for delays and misunderstandings.
  • We hope that we will be able to launch our own series of products in the near future.